Haley Traub

Competitive Gymnast • High Honor Student

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Haley is a level 10 gymnast. She trains 23 hours per week at Phantom Gymnastics in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Haley's current coaches are Stephen Darrigo and Tammy Kozlowski. Currently, Haley is a 10th grade student at Andover High School and will graduate from high school in 2019. She has a 4.2 GPA and plans to take honors and AP courses in high school.

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Major Achievements

2015 Level 9 Shen’s New England Classic- Vault, Bars, Floor, and All-Around Champion 2016 Level 9 Brestyan’s Invitational- 2nd on Vault, bars, and floor and 3rd in the All- Around
2016 Level 9 Sand Dollar Invitational- 1st on floor and 4th in the All-Around 2016 Level 9 Chicago Style- 2nd on Floor and 5th in the All-Around
2016 Level 9 Heartland Classic- Bars and Floor Champion and 5th in the All-Around 2016 Level Regional Qualifier
2016 Level 9 Regional Vault Champion

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